Pithos stores your data.

The main goal of pithos is to provide a robust, scalable object store compatible with the industry-standard S3 API.

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By relying on Apache Cassandra, pithos splits your files (objects) in small chunks which are replicated across a cluster of machines. This allows pithos to provide the following guarantees:

  • Fast writes
  • High Availability
  • Partition tolerance


While there are no wide-spread official standard for object storage, the S3 protocol hash become a de-facto standard and has thus been chosen as pithos' protocol. This means you can start using your favorite S3 tools to work with pithos, such as:

Take a look at the detailed API compatibility matrix to get an updated view of pithos' API support.


Pithos was built with ease of use and operability in mind. It should be easy to get started, require as few moving parts as possible and still be relatively easy to extend for larger installations. Pithos is distributed as a single executable JAR-file and relies on a YAML configuration file. As many of the JVM specifics are hidden from the administrator.


Pithos is free and open-source software with no strings attached. While its development has been sponsored by exoscale it is meant to be used by anyone and for any purpose.